About Us

Speakeasy is a more efficient way to match talent to task using a curated pool of top subject matter experts and advertising talent.


What we believe

We believe in open systems. And more specifically, an open way of working. When brands or agencies have a need, they should work with top talent and subject matter experts without barriers. The marketing model is shifting from resource control to resource orchestration. Although there's an abundance of on-demand, open platforms that we use in our daily lives, none have taken on delivering marketing & advertising work. With over 20 years of collective experience in applying open methodologies to existing business models, we have established ourselves as thought leaders in the category. At Speakeasy, we can help you embrace open in two ways - by creating open systems through leveraging our network for your business needs, or by consulting on transitioning your brand or agency's processes and approach.

Why we started

  • We were frustrated: we saw the amount of inefficiency in getting work done.  

  • Shifting to resource orchestration: The marketing model is based on resource control, leveraging who is staff / available, not someone with the expertise needed.

  • Changing marketing landscape: The marketing mix is constantly evolving, requiring new discipline.

  • Changing talent trends: "By 2020 40% of the marketplace is projected to be freelance" - Fast Company


Our Team


John Winsor

Avery Henderson

Mike Alkaitis