How it works


1. Submission Process:

Submitting a project request with Speakeasy is easy.  Our prompt process will get all of the details we need to move forward and form a project brief.  We’ll capture your goals, deliverables, budget, and any other details needed.  Upon this project initiation, you’ll receive a dedicated project lead that will follow up with you for any additional information needed to get started.  We use our web app, currently in Beta, as the hub for all project details, making it easy to track and adjust.


Project Guidelines

The Speakeasy platform is built to handle projects of any scope, budget, and marketing and advertising output. The project brief helps us understand the project parameters to better match to the right talent. If there are specific nuances or unknown details, don’t worry, a Speakeasy project lead will reach out and can help bring your project to life and ensure success within our platform.


2. Curation Process:

Our curation process starts long before you kick off a project. It starts with ensuring we have the right talent within our Guild, and accessible to you. Guild vetting involves a thorough assessment of work history, category experience, brand experience, subject matter expertise, and cultural fit - the last of which being critical to success in our platform. Because we work differently than a traditional agency, we need our talent to be flexible and adaptable to unique project scopes and processes.

Second, curating the talent to your project.  Based on the project brief - specifically the deliverables, skills and category experience required - we match based on the right fit.  And if we don’t have the right talent, we’ll be transparent.  We only recommend the best possible match for each project.

Finally, all parties within a project complete a simple rating form. This helps to continually improve our talent pool and ensure that the best talent works on the most fitting projects. Conversely, similar to how Uber drivers rate their passengers, our talent will rate you, the project owner, to ensure alignment between all parties.

3. Project Process:

Upon project brief alignment, your project will be officially kicked off. We will use our matching technology to identify the right project team. Based on the need, this may be a team, individual, or boutique firm. We only present talent that we feel 100% confidence in. After a team has been identified, you can accept the team, or choose to see more candidates.

Once you’ve approved your team, the project lead will deliver a scope of work that will outline key milestones, the schedule, and deliverables within your budget.  Then, everyone gets to work, with your Project Lead serving as your single point of contact for your team.  All project details will be housed in our Beta Web App, but as we grow, the project lifecycle management and file management may take you outside of our platform.


4. QA & Ratings

To ensure ongoing alignment between project owners and our talent, we require that all project owners complete a simple rating form of the talent that worked on their project. This helps to continually improve our talent pool and ensure that the best talent works on the most fitting projects.