Join the Guild

Want to focus on your craft, not the other parts of freelancing?

That's where we come in.


About the Guild

The Guild is the backbone of Speakeasy. It’s how we deliver and keep clients coming back at a 100% return rate.  Our Guild is made up of top category experts and advertising talent spanning all market verticals and disciplines. Each member is filtered by expertise and skill sets to ensure that you’re paired with the most fitting projects possible.

But most importantly, we’re here in service of you, and want you to focus on what you do best - the work.  We’ll manage negotiation, scope, timing, client expectations, deliverables, paperwork, client billing, etc. All that time-suck stuff. And at no cost to you.

Expect to work differently

Clients come to Speakeasy to work differently. So should you. 

Whenever a project comes into Speakeasy, we break down the deliverables and assess the roles needed. Once defined, we turn to the guild to identify which members would be the ideal fit for the project. If that includes you, we’ll reach out directly to you to discuss scope, availability and confirm rate/fee. Speakeasy will protect your rate on all projects and take care of rate negotiations on your behalf.

Once a project is signed and kicked-off, our deliverables will be similar to other advertising/consulting gigs, however we will constantly look to try new and different approaches.  Yes, we’ll have deliverables that are created, refined, and presented. But, our clients come to us to try different ways of working.  So, we may challenge the existing process norms and be highly collaborative, while still wanting the highest quality output.  And, if all goes as planned, everyone goes home happy. And, all parties anonymously rate and review each other, to help continually improve the platform and matching processes.

Vetting Process:

There are two ways to join the Guild, apply and be referred.



You’ll be prompted to fill out all of the information that we use to help ensure we have the top talent within our Guild.  This will include employment history, work examples, category expertise and skill set - don’t worry, most information can be pulled in by connecting your LinkedIn.  This information helps us get a better picture as to who you are and, if approved, match you to projects.  We take our vetting process seriously to ensure we continually work with the top talent.  A Speakeasy team member will review and verify information provided and determine if your experience and skill set are a fit for our clients.  


Hear about Speakeasy through a current Guild member?  Great! Let us know, so we can give that person kudos and, if you’re selected for a project, we’ll give them a referral reward.  Even better, if you refer people and they’re selected for projects, you’ll be compensated as well.