Why use Speakeasy



Speakeasy is building the largest, most in-depth independent network of marketing and advertising talent in the world, which we call the Guild. We’re doing it a little different - we’re not just looking for talent, we’re looking for deep experience and expertise.  This is how we can ensure the talent with the right category experience and skill set is matched to your project.  The Speakeasy team curates each Guild member to ensure our platform is able to match exactly the right talent to your project. Meaning, you need a media relations campaign run by an expert with fashion, tech AND medical device expertise?  We’ve matched it.    

Our Guild spans all disciplines and market verticals. It's the core of who we are and how we deliver high-quality work, every time. Each applicant is manually vetted based on work history, category experience, brand experience, subject matter expertise, and cultural fit. Though we accept Guild Members of all experience levels, each applicant is evaluated on consistency of project delivery to ensure quality amongst all deliverables.   



We believe in being thin and open - eliminating overhead, bureaucracy, and swirl wherever possible. It’s Speakeasy’s founding principle.  And we look to bring it to life at every step of your project. Our platform technology allows for us to strip away the barriers between you and great work - delivering the best, most qualified talent to each project at roughly 40% the cost of a traditional agency.

Depth of offerings

Our output is similar to an ad agency, but our path to getting the work done is different.  We cover the full gamut of marketing and advertising deliverables, with the ability to adjust for a range of scopes and project types. But with a twist, we have no internal staff. Instead, we leverage our on-demand network of independent talent and a project management platform, which allows us to take on any type of project regardless of scope or budget. We understand that each project is unique and requires different skills for delivery. That’s why we source from a network of independent talent instead of growing an internal team. Because no matter who you hire, the best talent works somewhere else. Why not go straight to the source?



Because we utilize an open network of talent, we can scale up and down to take on any number of projects simultaneously. Use us for a single ‘break the glass, we have an emergency’ project, or treat us as your agency, we can flex in whatever way you need. And, because we have next to no overhead, we will never pressure you to sign a retainer or extended contract. We focus on delivering against your project brief in the timeframe needed - and, most importantly, on budget.